Meet the Characters

Triangular Trev

I have three angles, three straight sides and I play guitar
My auntie polygon says I will go far
Hope you enjoy our Shape Idol story
I promise not to take all the glory

Rectangular Reg

I have one flat face with four small edges,
two long and two short sides, I’m hoping to impress the judges
I play the keyboard with 32 keys and stand at the back
I mix all the instruments together and concentrate on the backing track

Equilateral Eric

Equilateral Eric's the name
And all my sides are the same
I play triangle and sing backing vocals too
My timing is perfect, I know exactly what to do!

Isosceles Irene

I have two equal angles and two sides of equal length
My colourful positive character goes from strength to strength
I play the drum and dance to the beat
You can hear the tapping of my feet.

Perpendicular Peri

Two of my lines cross at right angles
See my bling bling earrings and how they dangle
I play the Tenor Saxophone that has thirty two keys
My family think I’m the bees knees!

Nonagon Norma

My favourite number is nine
I sing and play the tambourine to the beat in time
We are all crazy about numbers , timing and beats
We like to get everybody moving out of their seats
We like to add, subtract and sing our times table
Numbers and beats make it all very able.

Horizontal Horatio

I iike swaying from side to side with my xylophone
When I play my music, I’m in the zone
Right to left and left to right
Playing long and loud into the night!
Practicing hard for the Shape Idol competition
To help us all achieve our ambition

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